VW 1.8T Brake Kits


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As you increase the horsepower of your car, your car's braking ability must also increase.  Even with a stock engine, spirited driving can put the original brakes to their test. This can be a dangerous problem if not addressed. And as far as serious driving in a modified car is concerned, you'll soon find yourself easily outdistancing your stopping power. Upgrading your brake system is definately one of the top mods for any highly modified car.  When upgrading the brake system it should be noted that the majority of braking is done by the front brakes. 
  There a few ways to improve your VW 1.8T brake system:  

Stage 1
Upgrade your stock pads, this however can lead to increased fade due to higher brake temps depending on the extremeness of the brake pad.
Stage 2
Upgrade your stock pads and upgrade your rotors to a crossdrilled or slotted style.  This will allow the brakes to cool faster and further improve braking.
Stage 3
Upgrade the rotor size and pads.  A larger rotor will increase the surface area and greatly improve braking power over the stocked size rotor.
Stage 4
Upgrade the rotor size, pads, and larger calipers.  By installing a larger 4 piston or even 6 piston caliper the clamping pressure is increased giving much better braking.