Where to buy this part:


 Diverter Valve - $130-170
 Blow off Valve kits - $270-330

  The VW 1.8T stock diverter has some problems; its rubber valve tears leading to loss of boost and poor driveability. By replacing the diverter with an aftermarket piece that uses a metal piston, the problem is solved. This style of diverter is not the Blow Off Valve (BOV) type that releases excess boost into the atmosphere giving off an awesome p0000fft sound!! The 1.8t engine is NOT setup for BOVs, the reason is that the BOV is located after the mass airflow sensor (MAS) and the BOV is letting out air without the MAS reading it creating a rich mixture. BUT there have been some kits developed that DO work and allow you to run a BOV without throwing any codes or hurting performance.