1.8T Upgraded Turbo

Where to buy this part:

 1.8T Turbo Kits (240-400+ HP) - $2,000-$5,000

  The only way to get your VW 1.8T past the 220 hp mark is to upgrade the turbo.  There are a few kits out there that use different turbos to get the extra power. The simplest is by bolting on a K04 turbo which is one size bigger than the stock k03.  The best part is that there are no other mods needed other than different spark plugs and a chip tuned for he k04.  Engine codes AWW and AWP need some extra stuff to slap on a k04. The next option is an even bigger turbo that requires a new manifold.  The most popular turbos chosen are the Garret T3 or the T3/4.  With only a handful of kits out there we are very limited as far as selection goes but as time goes by more and more kits are being developed.